Jigyasa Kohli, our proud founder of Sila, a brand that embodies the essence of guts, grace, and gratitude. The inspiration behind Sila stems from her personal journey to find fashionable clothing that allowed her to express herself without revealing too much of her body. Struggling to find such pieces that were of good quality, affordable, and available in her size, realized that there are many women like her facing the same challenge.

Sila was born with a vision to empower women by offering a curated collection of fashionable yet modest clothing. Our brand is dedicated to providing stylish and comfortable apparel that allows every woman to feel confident and beautiful. We strive to break the stereotype that fashion must come at the cost of modesty or budget constraints.

At Sila, we believe that clothing is a powerful tool to express individuality and inner strength. Through our thoughtfully crafted designs, we aim to inspire women to embrace their uniqueness and shine with grace. Join us in celebrating fashion, empowerment, and gratitude as we embark on this empowering journey together.

Welcome to Sila, where guts, grace, and gratitude intertwine to create a brand that resonates with every woman's desire to look and feel her best, without compromising on her values.

Empower Your Style. Embrace Sila.